When you think about comfortable and stylish looking footwear, there are very few shops where you can get them. Other than that almost all the shopping markets and sites would show you only one of the two features. When you buy shoes and sandals, the most important thing to look for is the comfort to the aching heels. If you have any ache in your lower foot, it is best you think of getting relief from heel pain.

One of the best online stores for shoes that can provide you soft slippers that will help to provide extra comfort as they are made of air cushion sole is the Ortho + Rest. Ortho + Rest slippers in India is highly popular and is in demand by the people who look for both comfortable as well as stylish shoes.

The website offers shoes made of perforated cushion form that will give you the feeling as if you walk on clouds. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, buy slippers online from Orthorest where innovation meets comfort relief and relief for pain. The shoes made from special polymers certainly aid you from foot pain and continues aching that comes after regular walking or pressure on the foot.